The Hop, Inc.

Our deepest passions and rewards: We enjoy teaching children and preparing them for kindergarten. We show each and every child love, caring and compassion throughout each day. We enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to teach each child so we meet each child's learning style. We understand each child is different and learns in different ways so we teach in many different ways so each learning style is taught. 


The Hop, Inc Employment Opportunities


Lead Caregiver

We are looking for lead caregivers for our daycare center. A lead caregiver is someone who has an early childhood degree, CDA, is in the classes and has taken infants and toddlers plus a few more classes. Also, lead caregivers need some hours working with kids.

A lead caregiver plans the days activties based on daily schedule. A lead caregiver works with a group of kids and makes sure the areas the state requires are met for the day.
If interested please apply in person at The Hop Childcare Center. You can contact Julie at 719-9100


Childcare Provider

We are looking for someone who loves working with children and would like to make a difference in kids lives. We are looking for someone who enjoys teaching kids!! If you are interested please contact Julie at The Hop Childcare Center. Please apply in person! Thank you